About Us

Mary Eloise Kelsoe and Maveline Gammill were two beautiful, industrious, and special grandmothers. Using both their names and adventurous spirits, two of their granddaughters - Amy and Anna - set out to create a unique and beautiful jewelry line. What started with pendants made from the combining of Amy's award winning watercolor talent and Anna's creative metalsmithing has grown to a truly unique line of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Each piece is a genuine, original watercolor painting showcased by sterling silver and a variety of necklace materials like leather, silk, and hand-knotted, beaded cord. While most pieces are now exclusively made by Amy - from the painting to the assembly of each piece - and sold at various art shows; there are a few select pieces also showcasing Anna's metalsmithing at a local shop in the OBX. Wherever you find your original piece, we hope you find it to be as beautiful and unique as its namesakes!